BT Signaal is a pioneer in the development and operation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). As the main player in this sector, we have been a vital part of the Norwegian market since 1953. Over the past 10 years we have taken a significant position in the European ITS market.

Throughout more than 60 years we have acquired a level of experience not easily matched. This specialist knowledge has been used to develop reliable and user-friendly ITS solutions, with optimum income level and operational cost-effectiveness as the primary objectives.

Today we can provide innovative products and services for road user charging, parking, access, ticketing and traffic management.

The company also operates extensive consulting services within the core business internationally, and adjacent business areas as business process management (BPM) and business intelligence (BI) complemented with market leading products.

The company’s headquarter is based in Bergen.

The recent years, international initiatives in the transport sector have paid off thanks to:

  • World leading expertise in central systems for electronic payment
  • Management and key personnel possesses the industry’s longest experience
  • Expertise in all parts of the value chain
  • Precise delivery of Norwegian quality
  • Solid economy, with AAA rating from leading credit rating agencies


BT Signaal shall be a key actor, nationally and internationally, within development, implementation and operation of systems for electronic payment services, and consultancy in related business areas.Everything we do is to promote effective management and healthy economy for our customers.


We are convinced that the future is increasingly going to be about the environment and systems for traffic management. The requirements for reduction of pollutant emissions are to be stricter and more important. Systems that can measure the traffic load, the individual vehicle’s emission levels, and help control traffic patterns through various forms of differentiated pricing mechanisms, will be key tools to satisfy these requirements.

BT Signaal is certified as Eco-Lighthouse. Eco-Lighthouse is Norway’s most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility. (


Our mission is to develop and deliver the most effective and rational solutions for customers and clients within the ITS industry.

Code of Conduct

In all our activities we want to be known for good business ethics, and ethics is an integral part of our business. BT Signaal requires high ethical standards from all of our employees and anyone acting on our behalf. Management facilitates an open dialogue on ethical issues.

We shall conduct our business by respecting the laws, cultures and rights of individuals wherever we operate.

Our principles of good corporate governance will be the foundation for long-term value creation for shareholders, employees and society at large.

The Code of Conduct is the foundation of our corporate culture and defines the core principles and ethical standards by which we create value in our company. Through the practice of ethical guidelines BT Signaal will actively promote and contribute to liability and order in the markets we operate within. Hereby, BT Signaal will help the industry to always have the best reputation.

Code of Conduct covers:

  • Anti-bribery
  • Anti-fraud
  • Supplier principles
  • Work place environment
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Notification of possible code breach

Code of Ethics covers:

  • Human rights
  • Conflict of interest
  • Integrity and impartiality


BT Signaal has a solid financial structure. This is evidenced by a financial rating history of Dun & Bradstreet AAA-rating since 2008. The company has a solid fundament for delivery of profitability for contractors and owners, together with economic surplus for the society.


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BT Signaal was founded in 1953 and has through over 60 years built world-leading expertise and a unique experience in solutions for electronic payment and toll collection. Since the 1980s the company has developed and operated over 20 central systems to different tolling and parking projects. The group operates, manages and/or deliver back office system for a total of 25 different tolling/parking/access systems in Norway.

In 1986, the company developed, implemented and operated the world’s first urban toll ring in Bergen, Norway. The years of experience created fundament for implementing the world’s first free flow urban toll rings in the Norwegian cities Bergen and Tønsberg in 2004.

BT Signaal has taken responsibility for the development of road user charging operations nationally. From the start, BT Signaal is a public owned company. This contributes to senior executives and professionals in business are dedicated to develop road financing for the benefit of society. Such engagement has provided the motivation to create wise and rational solutions without sub-optimization. This is a major reason why BT Signaal delivers optimal and lasting solutions for its business segments, at market leading prices.

As a result, BT Signaal today is one of Norway’s most successful companies in the ITS industry.