The management team in BT Signaal consists of individuals with extensive experience and expertise in the ITS field, payment solutions, business management, finance and administration.

In BT Signaal leadership is about taking responsibility for the market and our customers, the company’s objectives and strategies, imposed and self-imposed laws, rules and norms of the organization, together with efficiency and utilization of resources and responsibilities for employees. This means that managers in BT Signaal must be good role models and maintain high ethical standards in everything we do.

President and CEO – Trond Juvik

m_trond-juvikComputer science / The Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC)

BT Signaal career since 1998

CEO Trond Juvik has for many years proven ability to exploit new and more efficient technology to its fullest. The benefits proven from Trond’s management have come to effect in significantly increased convenience for end users, society and the company’s stakeholders.

Vice President – Vidar Raa

m_vidar-raaMSc Business and administration

BT Signaal career since 2000

Vidar Raa’s technical background has been essential for the development of the products BT Signaal offers to the ITS market. Before he became VP of the company in 2009 he has worked with design and architecture to streamline payment solutions, license plate identification, databases and archive systems.

VP Sales and marketing – Svein Jarle Fagerheim

m_svein-jarle-fagerheimCand. Polit /MBA

BT Signaal career since 2006

Svein Jarle Fagerheim is specialized in tender management, planning, implementing and management of contracts, stakeholder management and public relations.

VP Operations – Grethe Kleppe

m_grethe-kleppeBT Signaal career since 2000

Grethe Kleppe has a unique and extensive experience in finance and customer-related operational functions in the ITS industry since 1986.

Chief Financial Officer – Sissel H. Bortheim

m_sissel-horne-bortheimBSc Accounting and Auditing, Norwegian School of Economics

BT Signaal career since 2007

As group CFO Sissel has responsibility for accounting and financial management in BT Signaal with its subsidiaries.

Group Controller – Helge Kvinge

m_helge-kvingeMSc Accounting and Auditing, Norwegian School of Economics

BT Signaal career since 1991

Helge Kvinge is head of the accounting services in BT Signaal. Helge has long experience and expertise in budgeting, accounting and financial management in various types of businesses and projects.

CEO BT Signaal Poland – Jaroslaw Pilarczyk

m_low-resolution_mg_7967BT Signaal career since 2012

MSc Computer Science

Jaroslaw Pilarczyk has been CEO of TA Group Ltd. since 2009, a Polish software development firm specializing in building dedicated IT solutions. In 2012 the company became part of the BT Signaal Group and Jaroslaw is now CEO of BT Signaal Poland. Jaroslaw Pilarczyk has managed and participated in several ITS projects in different European countries, with responsibility for development and testing of road side equipment, back-office solutions and web portals that support ITS operations.

CEO Consulting Norway – Jonny Bratseth


CEO Demand Norge AS – Anne Marie Sandtorv Hansen

Anne.Sandtorv.HansenCredit management and law

BT Signaal career since 2013

Anne Marie Sandtorv Hansen has long-term debt collection experience from Lindorff and is CEO of Demand Norge AS. She has served as team leader with operational, personal and budgeting responsibility, specified requirements in system changes, and has been coaching communication courses.