The product range in BT Signaal is a result of our extensive experience from the ITS industry, including long-term relationships with customers, clients and end-users. The products are based on a strong commitment to research and development, as well as industry standards, customers’ business and technology needs.

Central System

BTCS is a cost-effective, scalable, secure and modular solution for automatic registration of traffic for purposes such as toll charges, ferry and parking fees, congestion and rush-hour charges and other access authorisation systems in the transport sector. Furthermore, the central system is a tool for improved traffic regulation and control in city/town centres, automated traffic monitoring, detection and notifications of errors and non-conformances.

BT Signaal has developed and managed central systems since 1998, and our system solutions for tolling are among the preferred choices. Over the years, the system has been used for 20 tolling projects of various types and sizes.

BTCS has been developed and dimensioned for the future. It is versatile and scalable, and due to its modular structure it can easily be adapted and further developed. The modular-based solution allows for easy, safe and cost-effective add-ons and maintenance. BTCS can be provided as a traditional “on-site” solution or as a “software as a service” (SaaS).
BTCS is based on the very best tolling procedures, and is designed in line with all relevant electronic collection standards (ISO and EFC – Electronic Fee Collection) as well as for future standardisation.

BTCS provides a high level of automation, and is tailored to channel information to the correct destination. We have used our specialist knowledge to develop automated processes and control functions in BTCS. As a result, BT Signaal can offer the most cost-effective central system in the world – even as a company based in the high-cost country Norway.

Business Intelligence

BT Signaal Consulting delivers first class Business Intelligence-solutions to a broad range of customers across industries. Time to value, user engagement and customer value are our main drivers for providing QlikView.

As a certified QlikView Solution Provider we deliver QlikView solutions to Oil industry Service Providers & Suppliers, Shipping, Wholesales, Public Transportation, Publishing and Toll Road Collection.

Thanks to the in-memory BI-innovation QlikView, our clients have successfully moved from a static reporting regime with information overload to personalized dashboards anytime and anywhere. QlikView is recognized as the best BI solution for Discovery, bringing new insight from “googling” through massive volumes of connected business data following your associations.

Business Process Management Systems

iBPMS (or modern BPMS) is the appealing alternative when your process is slow, cost consuming, non-transparent, driven by disparate system siloes and offers poor user experience. iBPMS is BPMS + Business Intelligence, mobile, collaboration and dynamic process execution.

There is no better way to “go Lean” than with iBPMS, and Appian is the leanest  iBPMS delivering all features in one single system. With Appian’s leading breath of functionality, the en-suite tool enables your process makeover x times faster than with any other leading BPM tool.

Imagine that your process drawing runs your business logic, you monitor all levels of process performance online, you may change and re-route a process instance, you make analysis and reports online from Appian’s integrated in-memory BI-tool, your process integrates with any system, you get all tasks as they are delegated to you and you collaborate on any newsfeed triggered by process events or human.

By adding data centric capabilities to its process centric origin, Appian BPM in recent versions opens up all your business data for use in Appian records and reports, anywhere and anytime.  The data centric success of Appian expands the traditional BPM-battleground to almost any process that involves people.

Claims management, ITIL-processes, purchasing, production planning, maintenance planning, customer on-boarding, HR on-boarding, new project on-boarding, field inspections, order – to cash, there are no limit for Appian BPM as long as your process involves human interaction and need better performance.

Most surveys find a major productivity potential combining mobile process management and collaboration. Appian BPM with its “no code” en suite environment is a “low risk” change and operational platform for your business processes.


Road side equipment

Automatic License Plate Recognition

BT Signaal has been involved in ALPR technology for over 10 years, and been responsible for several roadside installations using this technology. We have also received ALPR-data from various roadside equipment vendors over the years to BTCS. We know all the details that makes up a reliable ALPR-system, and our product specifications is based on our extended experience in both RSE and BOS. We only cooperate with Vendors fulfilling our strict requirements. Quality will never be compromised.

Radio Frequency Identification

BT Signaal has been involved in RFID technology for over 10 years, and been responsible for several roadside installations. BT Signaal has extensive experience with the 5.8 GHz tags used in several tolling solutions, including the Norwegian AutoPASS system. Furthermore we are using the 868 MHz technology for our Ticketing solutions. BT Signaal will only use true free flow technology.

Global Navigation Satellite System

BT Signaal has been involved in GNSS technology for over 10 years, and has been consultants in several roadside installations. GNSS-based tolling is able to grow with the motorway network without requiring extensive construction matters. The road network to be tolled can be extended quickly by additional virtual toll sections.