BT Signaal is to be an integrator for solutions of products and services in the role as provider and supplier. BT Signaal exploits expertise across the group to offer the best solution the customer. The company’s expertise and experience from the ITS industry, together with the central system BTCS and market leading software, provides optimal solutions for each customer.

The group’s subsidiaries are fully owned by BT Signaal AS, and have special expertise in various fields to supply the central system and core value chain. In addition they work closely together with highly qualified third parties.

This multidisciplinary expertise integrated by the mother company offer rational and effective system solutions with top service expertise.

Road user charging

In Norway, road user charging have been used to fund infrastructure projects longer than in any other country. Since the 1930’s, over 100 road-projects have been financed by road-users. Over 50 toll road projects are currently in operation nationwide, and over 50% of the country’s annual road investments are funded through tolling.

As the main operator in this sector, BT Signaal has been part of this market since 1953. Over the years we have acquired a level of experience not easily matched. This specialist knowledge has been used to develop innovative and user-friendly free flow solutions, with optimum income level and cost-effectiveness as the primary objectives.

BT Signaal’s solutions for road user charging grow out of standard products and services, which we integrate to optimize value against each client’s needs. Examples of relevant business needs are infrastructure financing, congestion charging and rush hour charging. This approach provides cost-effective, user-friendly and robust solutions customized for each charging purpose.

Road user charging solutions in BT Signaal are built for the future and handle both personal tags and so-called fingerprinting that enables the identification of length, width, weight and color in roadside. The solutions also support mobile technology and satellite technology.

Ferry solutions

Based on the same technology that enables Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), BTS Ferry Solutions is an innovative choice for a ferry operator. The system enables reliable automated payment transactions and improves overall efficiency of an existing system. BTS Ferry Solutions uses automated technology such as License-Plate Recognition (LPR) or the use of a transponder/on-board unit (OBU) and thus is very cost-effective, reducing the need for staff to handle previously manual operations. The system is also environmentally friendly and, due to increased monitoring of the road-user, more secure.

BTS is also the sole distributor of the Kapsch Innoferry booking system which, together with a Back-Office System to handle payment transactions, enables the road user to book tickets and manage their account online. We believe our solution to be ideal for smaller ferry operators, municipalities and privately owned ports, whose needs are similar to those of large operators, but budgets are smaller and IT-infrastructure is more limited.


Vidar Raa

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Traffic Management

Tunnel security

Several severe accidents the last couple of years has increased the need for incident detection. Every minute lost heightens the risk of having another accident and drastically increases the time to clear the accident.

Through real-time analysis of video BT Signaal’s solutions detects all major incidents on the fly: queues, slow moving vehicles, stopped vehicles, wrong way drivers, objects fallen off the vehicles.

When an accident happens our solution knows the number of vehicles (make, model and color) inside the tunnel, including the number of dangerous goods trucks, and what they are carrying.

Traffic Enforcement

Bus and Taxi Lanes

Vehicles are tracked, identified and categorized, then matched against a whitelist.

Unauthorized Maneuvers

Vehicles are tracked throughout the maneuvers, e.g. banned turn or stop signal. Any invalid driving pattern will be documented and the number plate is read.

Car sharing

BT Signaal reduces the travel time for everyone by offering a lower tariff for two or more persons registered in the same vehicle.

The end-user adds passenger information and license plate number to a Car Share Application. When the vehicle passes a Toll Plaza; an infrared camera is used to count the number of persons and to detect, capture and recognize the license plate number. The number of persons specified in the app are matched with the number of persons counted in the Toll Plaza using the license plate number as the unique ID. The business rules for handling input as discounts are typically decided by the authorities.


The public transport ticketing systems have evolved from paper-based systems via magnet-cards to contactless cards and applications. The contactless cards has reduced investment expenditures and maintenance costs, but they have one major disadvantage: Radius, which forces the end-user to perform an action in order to enter a transportation service. This is a burden on an individual level, and results in barriers and queues for the co-travelers.

BT Signaal introduces an intelligent and efficient public transport ticketing system using the BIBO (Be-In Be-Out) technology which means the end-users can have their contactless cards in their pockets or bags and use the various transport services in a city whenever they like and for how long they like. The status of the transactions will be available real-time for the end-users and the payment routines will be based on business rules for each mode of transport, the transport company or decisions made by the authorities. This is the first real unrestricted movement solution for passengers in the world, and fits the “free flow” mindset of BT Signaal.